To do this... ...use this HTML Example
Display an image <img src="url of image"> <img src="">
Create a link <a href="url to link to">everything here will be linked, or 'clickable', both images and text</a> <a href="">Click here to go somewhere</a>
Click here to go somewhere
Change text size or color <font size="+ or - a value from 1 through 7" color="a color name or hex code">this is the text to be modified. you can use either the color or the size option alone or combined.</font> <font size="+3" color="green">Larger and greener</font>
Larger and greener

<font size="-2">Smaller but still the default color</font>
Smaller but still the default color
Apply a style to text: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough <b>bolded text</b> <i>italicized text</i> <u>underlined text</u> <s>struck-through text</s> <b>this will be bolded</b>, <i>this will be italicized</i> <u>and it's easy to <s>combine <i>number of styles</i> too.</s></u>

this will be bolded, this will be italicized and it's easy to combine any number of styles too.